Kasike-iani (Chieftainess) Mrs. Ronalda “Kaiko-T” Pairman

Food & Lifestyle Coach

    Kasikeiani of Yamaye Guani (Chieftainess of the Jamaican Hummingbird Taino People), Ronalda is foremost a lover of all thing’s food and an advocate for healthy lifestyle living. She is a: Food and Lifestyle Coach, Certified Personal Nutrition Advisor and Reiki level 1 practitioner.
    Her interests are;
    ∙ Wholistic Health practices,
    ∙ Indigenous HomeSchooling - decolonized early childhood education
    ∙ Working towards Food Security and Food Sovereignty for our people and Living sustainably with our land.
    Kasikiani Ronalda is the founder of Revolution of Food in Jamaica (R.O.F.I.J) - a return to our ancestral teachings on food as medicine. She was diagnosed with PCOS and told she would not be able to have children, the birth of her healthy daughter Tanama Areyto is a testament to the benefit of ancestral food and wellness practices.
    She is married to Kasike (Chief) Nibonrix Kaiman – Robert “Kalaan” Pairman and dedicates her time to the development of the wellbeing for present and future generations based on the teachings of those whose shoulders we stand upon. Our freedom fighting ancestors
    Kasikeiani Ronalda “Kaiko-Tekina” Pairman focuses on creating delicious nutrient-rich meals and provides lifestyle enhancing services which support choices for a life free of lifestyle diseases.

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