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Judith Falloon-Reid

ShelfLife with Judith Falloon-Reid is a weekly interview show hosted by Judith Falloon-Reid, a prominent figure in the world of Caribbean literature. This show airs year-round and features in-depth interviews with various authors, both established and emerging, who have made significant contributions to Caribbean literature.

Each episode delves into the author’s background, creative process, inspirations, and their works. It offers a unique opportunity for viewers to gain insights into the minds of Caribbean writers, learn about their literary journeys, and discover new books and voices in the Caribbean literary scene.

S1. Ep1 - Shelf Life | J. Coleman-Merritt: Lessons From Starfish

In this episode, join us for a captivating conversation with the distinguished J. Coleman-Merritt, Programs Director for CARICON and a trailblazer in the world of Caribbean literature. J. Coleman-Merritt talks about her book “Lessons from Starfish,” and her years of service as an educator.

S1. Ep2 - Shelf Life | Barbara Blake-Hannah: Growing up Dawta of Jah
In this episode of “Shelf Life,” we uncover the incredible life of Jamaican journalist Barbara Blake Hannah, who made history as the first Black female reporter on British TV in the late ’60s. Her journey takes us from London’s “Swinging” scene to a reggae-loving Rastafarian in Jamaica, with encounters with icons like Bob Marley and Fidel Castro along the way. Join us for a captivating exploration of her adventurous life, weaving history and music into her incredible story.