Book - Brer Anancy Series

Bio -

Genre: Children’s Literature
Country: Jamaica

V.S. Russell hails from the hills of St. Ann,Jamaica. Russell’s admiration and respect for Jamaican Folklore served as the primary motivating factor for the founding of Brer Anancy – where he acts as Chief Executive Officer and Author. Russell’s first publication in the Brer Anancy Series was published in 2012 to commemorate Jamaica’s 50th year of Independence. Mr. Russell titles include “Brer Anancy and the Magic Pot,” “Brer Anancy and the Easter Egg Hunt,” “Brer Anancy and Brer Duck” and his most recent publication of ‘Hermano Arana y La Olla de Magia,’ the spanish edition of Brer Anancy and the Magic Pot. 

Mr. Russell is a graduate of Ferncourt High School and Excelsior Community College in Kingston, Jamaica. He holds a BA in Theatre and Media Arts from the University of South Carolina and a Graduate Certificate in The Business Of Entertainment from UCLA. Russell is currently working on a Brer Anancy Baby series due out in 2022.

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