Heather Thompson

Retired Attorney & Storyteller

    Heather is a retired attorney who is now engaged as a writer full time. Her poetry has been published in “Anthurium,” “Tongues of the Ocean” and “Poui”. An experienced actress, she has now ventured into storytelling and the highlight of her story-telling career to date has been as a finalist in the 2020 and 2021 NTUKUMA Ananse SoundSplash Storytelling Conference & Festival. She is a regular on Caribbean Folklore Storytime, most memorably with, “Sarah Moultrie, Black Loyalist and Freedom Fighter.” Her version of an old Bahamian folktale,”Brer Rabby’s Free Lunch” was selected to represent The Bahamas at Expo 2020 Dubai in Children’s Tales from Around the World, in both digital and printed form. Heather’s work was featured in the October 10th 2021 production of Bel Canto & Friends’ “Discovering Our National Heroes” where she was also a production manager and executive producer.

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